Board Replacements

View all 10-Opto Replacement Board A-15430 24 Opto Replacement Board A-15646 3 Opto Ramp Switch Assembly WMS A-13901 A-17042 3-Opto Ramp Switch Assembly 32 Light & Switch 4 Coil Node Board 5-Bank LED 511-2935-00 520-1051-00 520-6940-01 520-6985-72 520-7001-00 520-7017-72 520-8115-00 520-8116-00 7 Opto Trough Board Set for WMS/Bally Widebody Pinball Machines A-16926-RX & A-16927-TX 7 Switch Opto PCB Assembly - With Mounting Brackets WMS A-15576 A-15595 A-14977 AC/DC Adams Family Adapter Addams Family Aerosmith AFM Ali AlltekSystems Attack from Mars Attack From Mars Strobe Kit A-20669 A-20718 Auxiliary Driver Board (Magnet) - DE/Sega/Stern 520-5068-00 / 01 Baby Pac Bad Cats Bally Big Ball Bowling Big Bat Baseball Big Game Black Beauty Shuffle Black Hole Black Jack Black Pyramid Black Rose Black Sheep Squadron BMX Board Replacements Bram Stokers Dracula Bridge Driver Replacement Board For Williams Indiana Jones WMS A-15946 Cabinet Node Cabinet Node Board Stern SPIKE Cactus Canyon Catacomb Caveman Centaur Centaur II Chase Light Chase Light Auxiliary Board - DE520-5054-00 / 01 Cheetah Circus Cirqus Voltaire Core Node Board 3 Amp Corvette Cosmic Princess Counterforce CPU Node Board CPU Node Board - Stern SPIKE CPU STERN SPIKE II Creature from the Black Lagoon Cybernaut Cyclone Data East Demolition Man Devil's Dare Diner Dirty Harry DMD High Voltage PIGGY BACK Board WMS PCB Doctor Who Dolly Parton Dracula Dragonfist Driver Board Dual Motor Driver Board Eight Ball Eight Ball Deluxe Eight Ball Deluxe Ltd Elektra Elvira Opto Embryon Enhanced Audio Evel Knievel Fathom Fireball Classic Fireball II Fish Tales Flash Gordon Flight 2000 Flipper Board Flipper Boards for WMS DMD Type 1 A-15894 Flipper Boards Type II WMS (2Pk) A-20207 Fliptronics 1 Flipper Opto Board Set A-15878 w/MECH Freedom Freefall Frontier Fun House Future Spa Galaxy Game of Thrones Genesis Puck Bowler Gilligan's Island Gold Ball Gottlieb Gottlieb System 3 Auxiliary Driver Board MA-1722 Grand Slam Granny and the Gators Guns N' Roses (DE) Harlem Globetrotters Haunted House High Speed 2: The Getaway Supercharger Driver Board WMS A-15189 High Voltage Homepin Hot Hand Hot Shots Hotdoggin Hurricane Indiana Jones Indianapolis 500 Iron Maiden Jackbot James Bond Johnny Mnemonic Jokerz Judge Dredd Kings of Steel KISS Lamp Last Action Hero Lazer Lord Lectronamo LED Light & Switch Lightning Lost World Magic Mars God of War Mata Hari Medieval Madness Medieval Madness Drawbridge Motor Driver Board WMS A-21708 Medival Madness Medusa Memory Lane Memory Lane Metallica Metallica LED Board Metallica Pinball Meteor Monster Bash MPU Mr. & Ms Pacman Mustang Mystic NBA Fastbreak New Fathom New Vector Ni-Wumpf Night Rider Nine Ball Nine Ball Nitro Ground Shaker No Fear Node Node Board Node Board 10 Node Board 48 Volt 8 Driver Stern SPIKE Node Extension Nugent Opto Opto Assembly Elvira Ramp OPTO ASSY Opto Board Opto Receiver Opto Receiver Board Opto Transmitter Opto Transmitter Board Orbitor 1 Panthera Paragon PCA Mini Smt Emitter Piggy Back Pinball Pinball Circus Pink Panther Playboy Playfield 48V Core-Driver Node Popeye Popeye Saves the Earth Power Play Power Splitter Premium Quicksilver RAMPS Rapid Fire Receiver Red & Ted's Road Show Revenge From Mars RGB Board RGB LED River Boat Gambler Road Show Rolling Stone Safe Cracker SAM SAM/WhiteStar Scared Stiff Seawitch Sega Serial Motor Driver Serial Opto Receiver Sexy Girl Shadow Silverball Mania Six Million Dollar Man Skate Ball Slugfest Solenoid Space Invaders Speakeasy 2 & 4 Player Special 10 Opto Board - Twilight Zone (Includes Mounting Brackets) A-16807 Spectrum Spiderman Spike SPIKE CPU Node Split Second Spy Hunter Star Gazer Star Trek Star Trek: The Next Generation Star Wars Star Wars Eposode 1 Stargate Stars Stepper Driver Board w/Motor & Harness D-12046M Stepper Driver D-12046 (Board Only) Stern Stern LED Board Stern Node Board Stern Parts Stern Shop Stern SPIKE & SPIKE 2 Node Board - 520-6967-72 Stern SPIKE & SPIKE 2 Node Board - 520-7017-72 Stern SPIKE II System Stingray Street Fighter II Strikes and Spares Strobe Super Sonic Tales of the Arabian Nights Terminator Test Card The Flintstones The Getaway: High Speed II The Party Zone The Shadow Theater of Magic Theatre of Magic Time Line Transmitter Trident Trough Trough Receiver Board Trough Serial Opto Receiver Extension Twilight Zone Vector Viking Viper Volcano Voltan White Water Whitewater Who Dunnit Wild Fyre Williams Williams/Bally WMS Trough Opto A-16927 / A-16927-TX World Cup Soccer X's & O’s X's and O's Xenon

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