Rick & Morty Blood Sucker Edition - SOLD OUT!


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The Blood Sucker Edition is $7520.00 USD. With no expense spared on the design, many quality updgrades, video, music, speech, and a HUGE custom speech package from star and co-creater of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland, we feel this is one VERY special game at a great price! :-)

 BLOOD SUCKER EDITION GAMES WILL BE BUILT FIRST! We've already ordered the metal and powdercoat for the first run of these games and they will be done in order. 

 Please remember... when you make your initial payment, you are committing to buy a custom game made to your specifications from Spooky Pinball LLC. Deposits are Non-Refundable. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! If you can't complete your purchase it is up to you to find a buyer for your game.

All add-ons such as lighted speaker kits, knockers, shakers, plastic protectors, and best of the the BEAUTIFUL Butter cabinets will be shown and offered shortly before your game is ready to ship to you. No need to address those items at this time.

 We think you'll love the design Scott Danesi has given the world to go with the coolest TV show in decades. We've improved quality in everything from the electronics to the back box lighting and a MUCH improved speaker / display panel for super easy access. Can't wait to get these games out in the wild so you can see what we've created.


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