Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle

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From Spooky Pinball LLC, and the master of shock rock Alice Cooper! Only 500 total units available worldwide. This a jammed packed classic horror adventure game narrated by Alice Cooper himself! Classic Alice songs, art by Jeff Zornow, additional music by Matt “Piggy D” Montgomery. 

MOD's Included in this game:

  • Plastic Protectors
  • Interior Graphics
  • Scary Blue Powder Coat
  • RGB Speaker Light Kit & Grills

    10 classic songs from Alice Cooper
    6 Instrumental songs from Matt "Piggy D" Montgomery
    Working guillotine toy
    Castle physical 2 ball lock with moving Frankenstein Monster to battle
    3 controlled drop targets (2 Danesi style locking on lower, 1 on upper castle playfield)
    Ball save magnet to bring you back from the dead
    Directional magnet hidden in the castle
    Cold Ethyl balcony drop lock
    11 unique shots
    4 different ramp shots
    Metal return lane habitrails with unique spiral return on right
    4 scoop / castle turret subway access shots
    Loaded with castle & monster sculpts by Back Alley Creations
    Fantastic art package by Zornow Must Be Destroyed!
    Full RGB LED lighting
    Beautiful LCD animations
    P-roc board system

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