The Mafia Pinball Machine - Welcome to the Family!

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Highly Collectable - Only 20 Produced Worldwide!

This is the first model designed and produced by Team Pinball. Join a gang on the East Coast of the United States in year of 1920-1930, during prohibition, when mafias and bootleggers used to reign. The player is immersed in the world of the mafia in what the player must progress through the rules of the game to conquer the city. This machine has a classic, fun and unique game design built with modern technology, you will re-discover pinball! Playing with this game will give a great opportunity to join the world of Mafia to rule the city, have fun and experience something new.

Technical features list: 

One ball game
Factory fitted reverse-printed playfield protector
Genuine reverse-printed backglass
10-inch HD LCD screen integrated in the backglass
Powered by the famous Raspberry Pi computer
Full RGB LED playfield lighting, providing Attractive lamp effects
Single electronic board with through-hole components
Designed to be operator friendly, manufactured with standard pinball parts
Hand-drawn art and LCD animations
Original – composed for the game - music giving an authentic pinball experience
Cabinet decal set - high quality scratch resistance material

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