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Official Licensed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinball Topper features a fully interactive Krang Techno Drome Eye and LED lighting that will elevate your TMNT Pinball playing experience to the next level.

Easy Install. Fits all Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pinball models (Pro, Premium, and LE).

Stern reference #502-7124-00


Dwight Sullivan has explained what the TMNT Topper does with the Current Code (1.23) below:  

  • The topper does over 20 different routines. Some routines are more involved than others.
    • All routines have light shows, and the eye at the top of the Technodrome will move about.
      • Sometimes the eye moves randomly and sometimes it looks in the direction that makes sense.
  • It uses the 4 turtles in the front of the topper to show which Turtle the player is thinking about choosing at game start.
  • It will celebrate with the player when they make some of the pinball staples:
    • Extra ball
    • Replay
    • Jackpots
    • Super Jackpot
    • and more
  • In addition to those celebrations the topper will go into several different background states.
    • In the attract mode
      • The game cycles through various blink states.
      • The eye looks around randomly

Look for more updates in the future!

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