XP-WMS8345 Power Supply

Nitro Pinball Sales

SKU: XP-WMS8345 Pwr Sup


  • Plug & Play installation for installation by novices and experts alike
  • Highest 5V efficiency of any aftermarket power supply
  • Coolest running
  • Short circuit and over-voltage protection on 5V power rail
  • Professionally assembled in USA for top quality
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty against all manufacturing defects

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Contact, Disco Fever, Hot Tip, , World Cup, Flash, Phoenix, Pokerino, Stellar Wars, Blackout, Firepower, Gorgar, Laser Ball, Scorpion, Time Warp, Tri Zone, Lucky 7, Aristocrat, King Tut, Omni, Pompeii, Taurus, Topaz,  Algar, Alien Poker, Black Knight, Top Dawg, Shuffle Inn, Shuffle Inn Deluxe, Alley Cats, Banzai Run, Barracora, Big Guns, Big Strike, Black Knight, Comet, Cosmic Gunfight, Cyclone, Defender, F-14 Tomcat, Fire!, Firepower 2, Gold Mine, Grand Lizard, High Speed, Hyperball, Joust, Jungle Lord, Laser Cue, Millionaire, Pharraoh, Pinbot, Road Kings, Solar Fire, Sorcerer, Space Shuttle, Space Station, Star Light, Strike Zone, Swords of Fury, Tic Tac Strike, Time Fantasy, Triple Strike, Warlock

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ABC Monday Night Football, Back To the Future, Laser War, Phantom of the Opera, Playboy 35th Anniversary, Robocop, Secret Service, Simpsons, Time Machine, Torpedo Alley

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Algar, Alien Poker, Alley Cats, Aristocrat, Back to the Future, Banzai Run, Barracora, Big Guns, Black Knight, Blackout, Comet, Contact, Cosmic Gunfight, Cyclone, Defender, Disco Fever, Fire!, Firepower, Firepower 2, Flash, Gorgar, Grand Lizard, High Speed, Hot Tip, Hyperball, Joust, Jungle Lord, King Tut, Laser Ball, Laser Cue, Lazer War, Lucky 7, Lucky Seven, Millionaire, Monday Night Football, Omni, Phantom of the Opera, Pharraoh, Phoenix, Pinbot, Playboy 35th Anniversary, Pokerino, Police Force, Pompeii, River Boat Gambler, Road Kings, RoboCop, Scorpion, Secret Service, Shuffle Inn, Shuffle Inn Deluxe, Solar Fire, Sorcerer, Space Shuttle, Space Station, Star Light, Stellar Wars, Swords of Fury, Taurus, Taxi, The Simpsons, Time Fantasy, Time Machine, Time Warp, Top Dawg, Topaz, Torpedo Alley, Tri Zone, Varkon, Warlock, World Cup

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