Coils & Sleeves

Coils & Sleeves

Experience smoother gameplay and enhanced performance with our high-quality Coils & Sleeves. From lightning-fast flipper action to precise ball launches, our coils and sleeves ensure your pinball machine operates at its best. Explore our selection for improved gameplay today!


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1-11/16" Coil Sleeve
Sold out
1-3/4" Coil Sleeve - Nitro Pinball Sales
1-7/8" Flanged Coil Sleeve
2-11/16" Flanged Coil Sleeve
2-3/16" Coil Sleeve - Nitro Pinball Sales
Classic Bally Coil Stop
Data East and Early Sega Coil Stop
Flipper Coil Stop for Stern/Sega - Nitro Pinball Sales
Flipper Coil Stop: WMS/Bally A-12111
Flipper Coil Stop WMS/Bally A-12390 - Nitro Pinball Sales
STERN - FLIPPER COIL 090-5001-ND/23-800
Coil - Stern's Flipper Coil - Nitro Pinball Sales
Coil - Solenoid Flipper NO DIODE by Stern - Nitro Pinball SalesSTERN - FLIPPER COIL 090-5032-ND/22-1080
Stern 090-5044-ND/26-1200 Coil - Nitro Pinball Sales
Stern 090-5030-ND/23-1100 Flipper Coil
Stern 090-5036-ND / 24-940 Coil
Stern 090-5062-ND Flipper Coil
Williams Flipper Coil Stop A-10821
Williams Flipper Coil Stop A-8143
Williams/Bally AL-23-800 Coil
Williams/Bally Drop Target Assembly Coil Stop