Launched in January of 2012 by Tommy & Suzanne Floyd. Nitro Pinball quickly became Canada’s leading pinball distributor with an unparalleled reputation for supporting the pinball community. Nitro’s number one priority is to provide customers with competitive pricing and include essential after purchase support that every customer deserves. 

In early 2017 Nitro Pinball expanded operations from a small storefront in Mission, BC to a fully staffed office & warehouse facility in Abbotsford (60 km from Vancouver, BC, 6 miles from Washington State). Given its proximity to the US border, Nitro is also a favorite supplier for many Americans. So, it made perfect sense in 2018 to launch Nitro Pinball USA. Nitro Pinball proudly boasts the very best selection in new modern era pinball machines. Not only from all major manufacturer’s, but from cutting edge boutique companies as well.

Tommy & Suzanne take great pride in the fact that Nitro is run entirely by hardcore pinhead’s & enthusiasts recruited directly from the pinball community. Everyone involved place integrity and customer satisfaction above all else, providing expert pinball sales & support across Canada and the Pacific Northwest. With tech staff on both sides of the border, you’ll always get the very best after sale support no matter which flavor of pinball you choose!