Attack From Mars Remake High Def Color UPGRADE (FOR REMAKE ONLY)

Nitro Pinball Sales

SKU: AFMR-0612

Attack From Mars Color Upgrade for AFMR CLASSIC EDITION.

NOTE: This upgrade is colorized for ENGLISH settings, and is partial colorized for non-ENGLISH settings (French, etc)

The color display upgrade for Attack From Mars Remake (AFMR) was
a large investment delivering outstanding quality fully colorized
output in high resolution which enhances the overall AFMR game

NOTE: The AFMR color display upgrade will be a hardware (security
chip) upgrade which will require lifting up the playfield and
replacing the chip. It will also include the latest software
revision (SD card) required in order for the color to be enabled.
Full instructions are included with the kit.

If you have an AFMR CLASSIC EDITION then this is the correct product to
order. You can order a CLASSIC KIT and will work on any classic 
regardless of where the AFMR was purchased (including international).

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