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The taunting is over and the haunting begins in the third and campiest installment of the Elvira pinball trilogy! Elvira’s House of Horrors immerses players in this fun, campy B-movie universe filled with all of the humor expected from Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

The Premium features Elvira’s “House of Horrors”, a real frightening Victorian fixer-upper full of creepy charm and supernatural surprises around every turn.
Beware of the “Deadhead Family Crypt”! This mausoleum houses a variety of characters that need an awakening courtesy of a steel silver ball to their head.
Interactive Elvira’s “Junk in the Trunk” toy allows players to lock balls for a potential frantic two-ball multiball.

Custom speech and, in a pinball first, exclusive filming of Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) for custom video scenes featured throughout the game!
Soundtrack includes Elvira's signature theme music and licensed music for "Jump, Jive, and Wail" and "Shout"“Make-Your-Own Dang B-Movie Trailer” from various library clips of vast content. Game will programmatically “build” a movie trailer based on the player’s individual gameplay experience.
Stunning and distinctive hand-drawn artwork by Elvira Pinball veteran Greg Freres



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