Homepin - Bally/Stern SS Solenoid Driver Board A3: AS-2518-16 / 22


SKU: AS-2518-16 / 22

Homepin - Bally/Stern SS Solenoid Driver Board A3 (Mosfet Drivers, 5V / 5A Regulator)

Bally/Stern Solid State era board, the power regulator & solenoid driver board, A3. Our board is about 2/3 height of the original but mounts into existing (unused) holes in the PCB mounting brackets of the backbox (new mounting supports included). This new board is made using all common parts. no "hard to find" IC's, relay or any other parts. The pinout for this board is identical to the original - no wiring changes at all are required.

(A) We have replaced the original (HUGE) heatsink and 3A linear regulator with a modern switching type that can supply 5A but we have retained the same input capacitance to ensure there is no degradation of current availability. We have added a small digital meter for quick 5V reference and it can be switched off with an onboard slide switch.

(B) The solenoid driver section has been re-designed with high current MOSFET outputs pinned flat to the circuit board to prevent them being easily damaged, especially during postage.

(C) The relay has the same high current contact rating as the original however is has a 12V coil making it a standard part available "off the shelf" should it ever require replacement.

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