Homepin - Fliptronics Driver Board 1 & 2 Replacement: WMS A-15028 / A-15472-1


SKU: WMS A-15028 / A-15472-1

WMS Fliptronics board WMS A-15028 / A-15472-1

This board replaces both original versions of the Fliptronics board. Homepin has populated all connectors so it will also plug directly in to The Addams Family without having to 'ignore' one connector. Also populated the C2 position with the correct capacitor. Many original WMS boards and even some after market replacements omit this part and this can cause issues including stuttering flippers if left out. They fit a full 35 amp bridge rectifier just like the original boards rather than using 5 amp diodes like some replacements.

All output devices are logic level MOSFETS and this greatly simplifies the circuitry over the original as well as providing more current to the coils. Each finished board is tested on the factory Getaway machine prior to final packing. Transistors are pinned flat to avoid accidental bending in shipping and in use and fuse covers are also fitted to prevent the chance of accidental shorting.

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