Adapter - Power Adapter Spike 12v - 6" Long/pbl-ssa-12-s

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SKU: pbl-ssa-12-s

This cable is designed to plug directly into the Stern SPIKE system coin door node board and provide 12v of power. This cable contains an inline 1 amp fuse to prevent damage to the node board and/or the pinball machine if accidentally overloaded.

To install this cable, plug it directly into the "Ticket" header connection on the top left of the coin door interface node board. The other end can be plugged into a single mod, 2-Way "Y" splitter, or an 8-Way splitter.

Please note: Game of Thrones and newer SPIKE machines have 2 ticket headers on the node board. This adapter needs to be plugged into the ticket 1 header on the left. Please see secondary image above of newer node board.

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