XP-BLY2518-58-W / CLASSIC BALLY/STERN 7-DIGIT DISPLAY: WHITE (Includes Red, Green & Blue Vinyl Gel)

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SKU: XP-BLY2518-58-W


The XP-BLY2518-58 has been tested extensively in numerous machines.  The design takes advantage of the latest in technology to ensure that they use less power than the original plasma displays and other competing LED displays.

Plug & Play installation for installation by novices and experts alike
Adjustable Brightness to match varying game-room conditions
Lowest power consumption of any display on the market – No overloaded game power supplies
Aesthetically sleek Black Matte finish
Foam Light-Rlocks prevent general illumination leakage glare
Professionally assembled in USA for top quality
2 Year Manufactures Warranty against all manufacturing defects
Optional Transparent Grey Vinyl Film for Light-Blocks
The XP-BLY2518-58 is our 7-Digit version for Bally/Stern games and comes with all required Mounting Hardware, Foam Light Block, and No-Glare adhesive Film.

White ships with grey, red, green & blue vinyl gels


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