XP-GTLB-SYS80 Power Supply

Nitro Pinball Sales

SKU: xp-gtlb SYS80 power supply


Plug & Play installation for installation by novices and experts alike
Highest 5V efficiency of any aftermarket power supply
Coolest running
Short circuit and over-voltage protection on 5V power rail
Professionally assembled in USA for top quality
2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty against all manufacturing defects
Supported Games
Alien Star, Amazon Hunt, Black Hole, Caveman, Circus, Counterforce, Devil’s Dare, Eclipse, El Dorado, Force II, The Games, Going Nuts, Haunted House, Ice Fever, Jacks to Open, James Bond, Krull, Mars God of War, Panthera, Pink Panther, Punk, Q*bert’s Quest, Rack Em Up, Ready Aim Fire, Rocky, Royal Flush Dix, Spiderman, Spirit, Star Race, Striker, Super Orbit, Timeline, Touchdown, Volcano

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