XP-Vinyl-16 / Pinball Display Vinyl

Nitro Pinball Sales

SKU: xp-viynl-16-colors-1

Vinyl-16 is used for displays that have 16 individual display blocks, such as XP-WMS12232, XP-WMS12502, and XP-WMS12739. These sets require two individual vinyls

Pinball Machines:
Bad Cats, Bally Game Show, Black Knight 2000, Bugs Bunny, Diner, Dr. Dude (SYS 11c version), Earthshaker, Elvira & the Party Monsters, Jokerz, Monday Night Football, Phantom of the Opera, Pool Sharks, Radical, RoboCop, Rollergames, Taxi, The Simpsons, Transporter, Whirlwind

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